19 April, cycle 2B

I had to have a platelet transfusion this morning due to my count being so low. All my numbers are still falling with the exception of the white blood cells, which are holding steady at 0.1. I may be given more blood as well. This doesn’t bode well for me getting out of the hospital this week. I’ve a feeling that this is going to be a very short break and then it’s back to incarceration for another three weeks at least. I was told at the start of all my treatments that this would probably happen – that my body would be slower to recover post-chemo and my cell counts would take longer to fall and bounce back. I just want it to all be over, although it’s probably a good thing that I’m in isolation now. Our idiot governor is talking about lifting all the shelter-in-place orders to get the state’s economy up and humming again but it’s too soon for that. All reputable epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists have said as much. (And I’m NOT talking about the embarrassments appearing on Fox News stating that a 2-3% death rate is acceptable.) Plus, with no reliable or wide-spread testing available, we can’t track how the virus is playing out among the populace. Oh, wait, you CAN be tested, if you happen to be wealthy or famous. Good job, Mr. President. Thanks so much for telling us that testing is available for everyone who wants or needs it when it’s A BLOODY STINKING LIE. Ugh. 😫😡

Okay, I’m done ranting. Mostly. Honestly, though, all of this is so incredibly frustrating because if more action had been taken when we first heard about the virus, we may have been a lot farther along in the battle to flatten the curve. Instead, our leaders in Washington chose to downplay the seriousness of the situation and in some cases, to write it off as a hoax or a plot by the Left to discredit the president. Paranoid much? Thin-skinned? Nah… 🙄

Right. Now I really am done ranting. I promise!

Today dawned murky and grey but now it’s beautiful bright sun with hardly a cloud in the sky. I finally tried to remove the screw holding my teeny window shut. Nope, not gonna happen without a Philips screwdriver. Rats. I’d so enjoy a breath of fresh outdoor air right now. Being in the hospital is almost as bad as being aboard a commercial flight – the air is recirculated, filtered and conditioned and it’s completely lifeless. Sure, I would risk sneezing my face off if I were to open my window but at this point I don’t really care!

My temperature bumped up a bit this afternoon, to 99.1. While that isn’t really a fever, it’s still elevated for me as I usually run a bit cool. It may be my body’s reaction to the platelets or it may be simply because my counts are so low but it’ll need to be monitored. The last thing I need right now is a fever.