21 April, cycle 2B

Wow. Just… wow. I was sulking this morning over my numbers still being in the toilet and had some difficulty shaking myself loose of that mental dark cloud. Then Dr. Santiago came in just now and told me that his other A.L.L. patient, undergoing her first A cycle, had been doing pretty well but now is in the ICU on a ventilator. Holy crap. That shows how fast someone’s health can deteriorate when undergoing chemo and makes me EXTREMELY grateful that I’ve been spared the worst of the complications one can experience. Geez, I hope the woman will be okay. I narrowly escaped being shipped off to the ICU during my first cycle. The worst I had to deal with were two Rapid Responses which were frightening enough! Thanks, doc, I needed that attitude adjustment. That isn’t snark either.

Ugh, but now I’m (slightly) worried about being dragged off to the ICU. Dammit, brain, why can’t you just give it a rest?!? 😫

So now I float. Break be damned, I just want to get out of here alive! I have two more months to go and then I’m relatively free. I’ve got loads of things to look forward to and not a whole lot to worry about other than staying healthy once I’m back home.