25 April, cycle 2B – going home

Yep, my numbers still aren’t great but it’s been decided that I can go home. Well, mostly. I think the day doc has to give the final sign-off and then the release paperwork needs to be generated but then I should be free and clear. I’m shooting for a noon departure time but it might take a bit longer. We’ll see!

(Six hours later…)

I should know better than to think that any hospital release would go smoothly. It turned out that Dr. Santiago was doing the weekend rounds and he always, ALWAYS operates on a much later time schedule, so I ended up waiting until about 1:40pm before hearing that my release paperwork was finished and I could get my PICC line removed. Justin, my day nurse, made quick work of that though and I was able to get all my stuff packed in a half hour. Everything eventually worked out well – Justin and I got down to the hospital’s front lobby just as Rory and the girls were pulling into the valet parking driveway. Homeward bound!

*Deep sigh* I’m home! 😄❤️