26 April – fourth break

I started the day out on our back deck, munching my yogurt, sipping my tea and just enjoying the fresh, cool non-hospital air. It’s a brilliantly clear morning and I might take a crack at my old walkies route a bit later, providing my strength holds out and I take it slowly. No marathons for me today!😄 Right now I’m content to just hang with my bobbleheads, both biped and quadruped. We don’t have much planned for today although Rory and Leyna may venture out to HEB for the week’s shopping. I’d sort of like to take a drive out to that farm stand just to get out of the house and explore a bit. We’ll see what the day brings.

Wow. Well, just look at that. I have no more eyelashes. Yep, they’re all gone aside from a few pathetic stragglers. Not that it’s any great loss – my eyelashes were always thin, sparse, pale, brittle little freaks of nature anyway. At least this way, if I really want to go through the bother, I can practice glueing on false eyelashes without having to worry about gumming up the real deal with adhesive. My eyebrows are also thinning out pretty dramatically but there’s still enough left so that I can apply a light brown shadow and have them look decent. I’m definitely not shooting for the Frida Kahlo look, although she was a truly beautiful woman, unibrow notwithstanding.

Ouch. Ow, owie, ouch, ouch, ow… We walked down to the park late this morning and I did fine on the way down but then noticed pain growing in my feet once we reached the park. I hadn’t done any serious walking or even worn any close-toed shoes for months and my feet were definitely feeling it. I am now a gimpy mess and won’t be able to walk normally for days. But hey, the day is beautiful and it was worth every painful step! We even got shaved ice from our favorite little shaved ice shack just outside the park. Yum!

Leyna is making dinner tonight so I’m being a total slug in the living room, surrounded by equally lazy felines. I’ll be called into service in a while to fix the green beans but I’m pretty much a free agent right now, which suits my poor tattered feet nicely. Ugh… I WISH I’d thought about the whole not-wearing-shoes-for-ages issue. This happened once before when we went to San Francisco four years ago. We spent most of our first day there on our feet and in addition, I wore compression socks so that my lower legs wouldn’t swell while on the plane. Big mistake!