27 April – fourth break

A beautiful Monday morning! I’ve already had my breakfast and now I’m pondering what sort of mischief I can get into today. There are some VERY ripe bananas on the counter that I don’t think anyone will eat so I may dive into banana bread makings. I also need to track down some whole coffee beans for making cold-brew coffee. That may be an issue. I usually buy my beans from the bulk coffee section at HEB but they’ve shut down all the self-serve areas of the market and they may not allow customers to grind their own. I use the industrial grinders in the market because their coarse grind is much better for cold-brew than what my own burr grinder can produce. I’ll figure it out.

Welp, Leyna beat me to the kitchen just as I was getting ready to head in there to make stuff. She ended up whipping together some truly delicious little hand pies using some of the leftover veggies and cheese from last night’s galette. I happily postponed my kitchen plans to sit and munch on some yummy flaky cheesy goodness.

I spent some of the rest of the afternoon catching up on laundry. Everything that I had with me at the hospital needed to be washed. The hospital rooms have small chests of drawers and closets for storing patients’ belongings but they all have an undeniably unpleasant smell that gets into EVERYTHING. I may have to take a bar of soap or a scented candle with me when I go back, just to take care of that odor.

Leyna once again commandeered the kitchen to make dinner, this time a frittata with shallots and spinach. It was a thing of beauty when it first came out of the oven, all puffy and golden, and quite tasty as well. My daughter is an amazing cook! I only wish she could keep from completely obliterating the kitchen every time she makes something. *Sigh* I’ve called dibs on dinner makings for Friday!