28 April – fourth break

Today seems to be shaping up to be another day of lazing about interspersed with menial tasks. I tackled cleaning the microwave a bit earlier this morning. Oh, dearie me… from the looks of it, that thing hadn’t been cleaned since I was first admitted to the hospital back in January. After liberal use of a strong cleanser, it’s finally clean. Well, as clean as I can get it, barring a fire hose. Or a flame thrower. 😱🤢 Next on the list: making hummus!

Hummus made and declared yummy.

Leyna built home-made pizzas for dinner, complete with scratch-built crust. They were delicious and incredibly filling. The crust especially was really good. I could have made a meal from the crust alone accompanied with either garlic butter or herbed oil for dipping. So, so good! I’m incredibly stinky right now though. My pizza had loads of thinly sliced fresh garlic as a topping and I gorged on hummus earlier, which also has a lot of garlic. I’ll try not to breathe on anyone!