30 April – fourth break

It was such a gorgeous morning that I packed up my iPad, breakfast and coffee and headed out to the back deck to park it for a while and enjoy the day. There’s only a slight breeze stirring the leaves on the trees and it’s fairly quiet. I can hear a train in the distance as it crosses the road that goes into Gruene. It’s the only grade crossing in town where trains are allowed by the city to sound their horns. Geez, the thing sounds like it’s on the next block, the horn is so clear and loud! I pity the folks who live in the development backed right up next to the tracks on that side of town because I’m sure they hear and feel every single train that comes through town on that track.

I started up a batch of cold brew coffee for Leyna. She’s been asking Rory to buy the pre-made stuff at the market but we can produce the same quality (or better) product here at home. She’ll have to wait 24 hours for it though, and she isn’t known for her patience!

Another quiet day at home. Leyna went completely overboard for dinner tonight and made spring rolls, potstickers and miso soup for dinner. So, so tasty. The spring rolls contained an extra surprise: there were raw slivered jalapeños hiding in them and I guess Rory got an extra-fiery bit because he began sweating profusely and then leapt up from the table to go grab some milk. Poor guy – he doesn’t handle spicy stuff very well and this little devil was fairly hot. I got some too in one of my spring rolls and it definitely got my attention, although I’m a bit more impervious to spicy foods. Overall, though, the meal was a resounding success and there are still three leftover spring rolls carefully wrapped up and sitting in the fridge. LUNCH!!!😄