6 May, cycle 3A – 2nd day of chemo (maybe?)

The “maybe” is because the chemo may be held off until tomorrow due to my offending digit, which now thankfully has been dealt with. The podiatrist came in this morning a bit before 10am for the procedure, which really wasn’t much more involved than trimming your nails. The worst and most painful part was the anesthetic but even that was manageable with controlled breath. I didn’t watch the actual nail removal (EEW) but I got to see the nail after the fact in its little specimen cup as well as my newly naked toe, which honestly looks much better now that the nail is gone. My entire foot is now cocooned in layers of gauze but it sounds like the wound care regimen will be fairly straightforward. The biggest issue is that I can’t get it wet, so I’ll have to bundle it in plastic every time I take a shower.

OH – I scored some nice little surgical steel Pakistani-made tools from the podiatrist, who told me a bit ruefully that they would just be thrown away. ?!!?? Are you kidding me?!? What a horrible waste! Anyway, I nicked some scissors, hemostats and these weird little toothed tweezers that I’m sure I’ll find a use for in my jewelry making.😊

Yep, the anesthetic is wearing off. I’m DEFINITELY beginning to feel the offending digit.

So, as it turns out, the toe really isn’t that sore. I feel it, certainly, but I think the discomfort was greater while the nail was still in place. Even walking around in my room or going to the loo isn’t bad. We’ll see how it looks once the bandages are changed but I think it’s finally on the mend. Meanwhile, both Drs. Santiago and Berkowitz have given the all-clear and the poisoning… ahem, I mean the CHEMO, has commenced. Wheee!!! Bring on the drugs! I told myself as my nurse handed me a small cup filled with nasty little bitter steroid pills that this was the LAST time I would have to take them, barring an unthinkable recurrence of the disease. Please God, keep me healthy!🙏🏻🙏🏻