7 May, cycle 3A – 3rd day of chemo

Boy, it’s satisfying to write “cycle 3A”. I’m nearly done with this nastiest portion of my treatment! Anyway, the morning dawned clear but clouds are beginning to roll in quickly. It never ceases to surprise me how fast the weather can change out here. In California we had the mountains right behind us blocking the storm systems so they moved in much more slowly, but here, with nothing in the way, storms sweep in within a matter of minutes sometimes. It’s fascinating! I love Texas storms. They’re big, loud, and don’t usually stick around for long but while they’re here, you’d best get off the road and take cover. That storm we had last year when Rory’s parents were visiting was truly spectacular and scary as hell because I had to drive in it. We had all gone to Black’s Barbeque for dinner and the storm hit just as we were packing up to leave. I’d never seen so much water falling from the sky and just running the 40 feet or so from the restaurant to the car was like immersing myself in a waterfall. I was SOAKED. Driving back home was probably one of the most frightening road experiences I’ve had in a very long time. My night vision isn’t all that great and I could really only see the road during the lightning flashes, which thankfully were nearly constant. I said “road” but it was really more of a river. Thank goodness my Ruby Sue has good ground clearance!

Yay, brekkies! This caged animal is HUNGRY!!!

Well, this is just flippin’ FABULOUS. Now it looks like I’m developing an abscess under my left big toe nail as well! GAH. We’re trying to get a hold of the podiatrist before the weekend so that maybe, just maybe, it can be dealt with quickly. Ugh… I keep telling myself that I’m in the best possible place for stuff like this to be happening but it still doesn’t help my anxiety levels much at all. Just breathe…

The rest of the day passed in anticipation of the podiatrist, who never showed, but I think that was also because the APB wasn’t sent out until later in the day. Dr. Santiago came by and was once again his more or less jovial self. Monday and Tuesday afternoons were a different story. I’m just guessing here, but I think he considers me his star student and this setback with the toe nails had him disappointed in my progress. Hey, shit happens. I’m back on track with the chemo and the schedule is off by only 48 hours instead of the 1-2 weeks originally anticipated. I’m still nervous about my feet but we’ll all do the best we can to make sure no infection sets in.