8 May, cycle 3A – 4th day of chemo

Blurgh. I’m feeling more than a bit dragged out today because of the interruptions last night. Two vitals checks, one blood draw, one 30-minute Cytoxin infusion followed by 15 minutes of saline flush, and then the bandage on my right toe coming undone. I’m a zombie today. Oh, I fixed the toe bandage myself because I wasn’t about to call someone in at 3:45 in the morning just to fix a stupid wound dressing! The good thing is that once I showed my nurses my new style of toe wrapping (far less excessive than the full foot bundle and only encasing the affected toe), they thought that made a lot more sense. So yay!

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore Dr. Bambo? I asked her today if she was a GP and the answer was yes but she only sees hospitalized patients. Rats. I was seriously thinking of changing my doc just so I could have her as my GP. She’s absolutely wonderful and while her accent can sometimes be a bit hard to parse (she’s from Tanzania), she’s sweet, funny and a complete delight. She told me today after noticing my little collection of stones on the window sill that the next time she went back home to Tanzania, she would buy a rough tanzanite for me. ??!!??? TANZANITE? WOW!!! I’m certainly not expecting this but tanzanite is a fantastic gemstone and I’ve never seen a rough one before. Most in this country are shaped, faceted, polished and then heat treated to intensify their amazing blue-purple color. If I ever end up with a rough tanzanite I’ll probably build a hammered sterling silver wire bezel for it and then turn it into a pendant necklace. Now THAT would be a statement necklace with a story!❤️

Finally saw the podiatrist, Dr. Sbebetka, this afternoon. I am now missing the nail on my left big toe as well. Both toes are wrapped up like little white burritos. The second nail didn’t want to give up without a fight so even though my toe was numbed and I felt no pain, I sure wish I’d had ear plugs! I chattered throughout the procedure both to distract myself and to hide any unpleasant noises so I learned that Dr. Shebetka, who is a pretty tall woman (5’10”) has a 14-year-old daughter who is already 6’4”. Holy crap! I can’t imagine being that tall at that age. She’s on her school’s volleyball team and I’ll bet she plays center because of her height. What a young Amazon!