9 May, cycle 3A – fifth day of chemo

Nine o’clock and breakfast still hasn’t arrived. I’m so hungry I’m beginning to feel a bit nauseous. A few times now I think I’ve heard the food tray carts rattling about in the hallway outside my room but it may just be my imagination. Oh, wait… TAH-DAH! Food is here! NOM-NOM-NOM.

After three heavy-duty chemo drugs administered back to back, the rest of my day was spent in a bit of a haze. Rory came down to visit me but the poor guy was so tired he was falling asleep in one of the chairs in my room. He was able to perk up enough to make it home safely and he had a bit of shopping to do as well, but that apparently turned into a nightmare. With shops here in TX opening back up and people not paying the SLIGHTEST bit of attention to social distancing, his experience in Hobby Lobby was a good deal less than pleasant. There’s a Russian word that describes Hobby Lobby shoppers perfectly but I’m not sure how to render it in English. It isn’t very nice though!

Not much more to report. I think the next couple of days are going to be very low-key due to the chemo.