10 May, cycle 3A – Mother’s Day

Ugh. Not feeling at all well this morning. I’m listless, tired, my tummy isn’t happy, and I don’t think this blog post is going to be very long. I’m medicated up to my eyeballs and I still have to take my shower and soak the bandages off my toes. Ick.

Welp, I’ve showered and done the foot soaking and honestly, I began to feel a little better almost as soon as I got up and got moving. I’ve been taken off the fluids so no more dragging around the old ball and chain. I’m once again dressed in (more or less) normal clothes. Tummy’s still a bit iffy but I’m going to play that one by ear. I’m beginning to feel human again! Well, ish.

I smacked my left toe tonight. The really raw one. I’m surprised that no one from the nurses’ station heard the bellow of pain because I was LOUD. Of course, there followed a stream of very salty language but I tried to muffle the profanity so as not to offend the other patients. Holy CRAP, that hurt!