13 May, cycle 3A

Another grey day. I hope to be treated with more views of storm cells rolling through the area. Up on the eighth floor, I have a pretty decent view and can watch the weather change by the minute.

Lauren took her AP Geography test yesterday online. Apparently it was a nightmare to get logged onto the testing website and she made it with only two minutes to spare. If Rory hadn’t been home to help her it might have gone badly but it’s all over now and she can relax a bit. She was REALLY nervous about this test but she always ties herself into a pretzel over things like this and she always comes through very well. She should do just fine. Damn, I love that kid.❤️❤️

The nurses today were in a celebratory mood. I guess it’s Hospital Day and so food and treats are brought in as a “thank you” for the entire staff. Anyway, at one point I had three nurses hanging out in my room chatting, laughing and just relaxing in general. They were all on duty of course but at that particular moment none of their phones were going off and no patients were shrieking for attention. Should have brought my disco ball! I really enjoy it when the nurses seek me out just to chat even when I’m not one of their scheduled patients. Christy popped in to say hello and that began the influx. My day nurse, Adriel, was also full of chat and I think I delayed him multiple times over the course of the day simply because we were talking. When you’re confined to your room you’ll take social interaction however you can get it!

My right toe has now graduated out of a bandage altogether and the left seems to be doing a lot better even though it’s still very tender and sensitive. I asked for a different sort of wound dressing, one that wouldn’t stick nearly as badly as the ointment-permeated gauze that I was using, and the nurses provided wonderfully. Today while I was changing the dressing the hospital doc, a tall no-nonsense east Indian man, came into my room for the usual daily quick check-up. Maybe I was imagining this but it seemed like his disapproval was palpable. Hey, I’ve watched the nurses, I see what they do, I can do this and besides, it seems to cause more discomfort when someone else is messing with my boo-boos. And I think I’ve made a few improvements to the whole process, so there. Neener-neener.😄