14 May, cycle 3A

I guess I missed a walloping good storm last night, dang it. Apparently it was quite a noisy one because I overheard a couple nurses talking about it this morning but I must have been completely passed out. I actually had a pretty good night’s sleep for a change and I had a really pretty dream as well that involved lots of water, so that helped. I’ve been watching the storm clouds moving to the east and it looks like we’ve got some clear sky coming up behind the front. I can never quite get over how fast the storms move through this area!

Holy moly. My white blood cell count PLUMMETED last night and my nurse, Carole, has announced that I’m now profoundly neutropenic. Yep, been down this road before. That’s probably why I’ve been feeling light-headed this morning. Not to worry. I just have to remember to rest and try not to do too much. I may even have to call in reinforcements when it’s time to make my bed, although that’s one thing that drives me up the flippin’ wall. No one here makes my bed the way I like it done and I don’t know how many times I’ve stripped everything off and started again after one of the PCAs was sweet enough to do it for me. I feel bad for undoing their work, really, but I’m a bit weird over this. “Crazy” would be a good way to describe it as well.😆

I actually got out my drawing kit and pad and drew for a bit. Boy, I’m rusty, but I can still see proportions and size relationships and interpret them (more or less) accurately on paper. Still, I need to make a habit of doing a little of this every day. The old drawing muscles get awfully creaky with little to no use and practice will improve matters tremendously. When this hospital nonsense is all over I have several paintings that I want to tackle, one of which is a portrait of Leyna. She’s only 14 but that kid already looks like a pin-up model and if I can get her to pose for me I may get some good photo reference to work from.