15 May, cycle 3A

I received a really nice compliment from one of my nurses last night. Sumatie turned to me at one point and asked if I was a dancer. ME?!? A dancer? (Laughs hysterically) I told her that I was probably one of the clumsiest people on the face of the earth and that I regularly walk into walls, so no, I wasn’t a dancer. She countered that I was graceful and carried myself very well, that my long neck reminded her of a dancer’s. Well damn… That was a wonderful thing to say! And here I was thinking that I resembled a troglodyte.😆

I’ve begun showing my work to the nurses and doctors here at the hospital. The response thus far hasn’t varied much from the standard incredulous gasped phrase – “YOU did that?” I’ve never been one to toot my own horn, it’s made me uncomfortable in the past, but I think it’s high time that more than just my circle of friends knows I’m an artist. I’m not holding my breath but maybe, just maybe, I can drum up some interest in portraiture. Dr. Bambo expressed an interest and told me not to ignore a phone call coming from a certain area code because it might be her. I also gave my number and website URL to my little Thelma, who was absolutely floored by my camellia painting. Umm… I’ve a feeling that I’m going to be glued to my easel once I’m home for good. I desperately want to paint again and I have a backlog of images that I want to put to canvas.

Dr. Santiago is now calling me his poster child. Guess my treatment is going well!😆❤️