16 May, cycle 3A – last day of chemo

Yay, my very last A cycle chemo infusion! WOOT!!! And it’s only for 15 minutes so I won’t be tied down to the IV pole for hours, although they may put me back on fluids. I know for sure that I’ll be back on steroids for the next couple of days which also means that I might begin to swell up again, but we’ll see. Still, this is it! Yah-frickin’-HOO!!!! One more B cycle and I’m home free!

Rory’s coming down to visit today. It sure is nice to know that we can have visitors again. It gets awfully lonely here, even with the nurses and PCAs doing their best to make sure we don’t feel too isolated, but when we aren’t allowed to leave our rooms the scenery does get a bit dull. There’s a young man in 72, the room right next to mine, who Thelma says is having a hard time adjusting to the treatment cycles. Poor kid… She says he’s bored out of his mind and doesn’t have anything to occupy his time other than the TV in the room. The meds aren’t doing him any favors either. Ugh, I know that feeling only too well. I wish I could visit some of these patients who are struggling but I don’t know if I’m allowed. Of course, I haven’t asked either, and I sure wouldn’t want to butt in where I’m really not wanted, but hearing my story might bring some comfort to these folks. Once I’m out of the hospital for good and all this lockdown stuff has been resolved, I’d love to volunteer to come in to the unit and offer some support. It would be a wonderful way to give back, or maybe to pay forward.❤️

Aaand here we go… last chemo!😄🎉🙏🏻

Dr. Santiago’s weekend doc came in to see me about mid-day. He’s a very sweet older gentleman, very old-school, calling me “dear” and “sweetie” but not being overly condescending about it. At one point, after commenting that I always seemed to have a good outlook, he asked me how my appetite was and when I commented that I was pretty much eating anything that wasn’t still breathing, he gave me this incredulous little smile and said, “I don’t know how that’s even possible!” I’m hungry, dammit. I’m already thinking about tomorrow’s breakfast! Yep, I’m a remorseless eating machine.😆

It was another quiet day that passed quickly. This cycle seems much easier to deal with, probably because I’ve finally managed to achieve the mental outlook necessary to cope with the rollercoaster ride of meds and weakness.