17 May, cycle 3A

I’m probably going to be a zombie today. I awoke at around 3:30 to trot off to the loo and when I got back to bed I couldn’t get back to sleep. My brain spun up and I couldn’t shut it down. Not even focusing on my breath helped and that usually knocks me right out. I may have dozed for a bit but by the time MaryGrace came in around 4:45 for vitals, I’d pretty much chucked in the towel. I finally got up and moving a bit after 6 and immediately asked for a cup of coffee. Ugh… swill. That was a mistake! Maybe for my last cycle I’ll bring some good-tasting instant coffee along. Hey, it’s not an oxymoron, it exists, you just have to search for it!

Oh geez… the lack of sleep is really beginning to catch up!😴😴

Welp, I just wrote not one, but TWO paragraphs that I’ve just lost and I have no intention of typing them again right now. Fuck it. I HATE this stupid app sometimes. It’s past 8:30, I’m bleary-eyed (which I’m sure isn’t helping) and I need to get to bed. Dale just came in with my nightly meds so I’m gonna whark down those and then perform the before-bed rituals. If I can remember what I said in those two missing paragraphs I’ll try to relate them tomorrow but right now I’m way too steamed to even attempt it. Grrrr…..