20 May, cycle 3A

Welp, I wasn’t expecting that. After one shot of Granix my counts are slowly beginning to recover again. Nothing spectacular but there is positive movement. I didn’t think I would see any significant change for at least another few days and it could still take that long or more for the counts to bounce back to the point where I’m allowed to go home. All is good though – I’m just back on that old rollercoaster waiting for the next dip and climb! I have my wonderful nurses and support staff, not to mention my kick-ass doctors, so I’m in good hands and can pass the time without losing all my marbles.

Holy moly. I was duly warned. For the first time ever, the Granix injections are causing me a LOT of pain. Apparently the drug stimulates the body’s large bone masses to regrow marrow and in my case, my lower back and hips feel like I just got hit by a bus. I think I’m developing a pregnant woman waddle from it! Ouch, ouch, ouch, bad words bad words BAD WORDS.

Dr. Shebetka had marvelous timing today and waltzed into my room just as I was putting a new dressing on Mr. Big Left Toe. She crooned with approval and said that both toes look great! Whew. I’ve really been sweating the wound care because of the dire warnings I received from some of my nurses at the start of this cycle but it looks like I’ve done well. Huge relief!

Wow. The pain kept building today until finally, at around 4:15 this afternoon, I couldn’t take it any more and cried uncle. My nurse came in and gave me some pain meds for the Granix torture. I’m feeling a bit better but my lower back and hips are still throbbing and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to be able to sleep tonight. Jasmine told me that at 9pm I can have either more Tylenol or a full tablet of this other stuff that I was only given half of earlier. Umm… I think I may take the Tylenol. It really helped to dampen down the pain.

Aww… The kitchen messed up on my lunch order today but more than made up for it at dinner time. In addition to my usual roast beef sandwich they gave me TWO huge slabs of tomato and they also sent along a yummy little roasted chicken leg with barbecue sauce. YUM. I had no idea that was even a menu option! Anyway, I am now full and sliding into a food coma. My back is feeling better. Life is good.