21 May, cycle 3A

Blurgh… I only just started writing this post and it’s already after 4pm. This morning I awoke feeling pretty good but that didn’t last. My strength is in the toilet and I think it’s because my hemoglobin count dropped again. This time the doc didn’t want to wait and ordered a unit of blood to help get me through the wooziness. So, yep… I’m hooked up to the ball and chain once again, receiving a small bag of the Creeping Red Tide. My back pain is much better today but that’s also because I’ve been loaded with Motrin, which blasted the pain away last night and I was able to sleep quite soundly.

I’ve been collecting recipes this cycle. I think I’ve found about a half dozen or so that might be tasty but they’re also ethnic, mostly Middle Eastern or Indian, and I’m pretty sure that the Indian recipes won’t fly well with the rest of the family. Too bad – I LOVE Indian food! The spices can sometimes be a bit strong but that’s part of the charm, at least for me. I’ve also received the blessing of my little cleaning lady, Thelma, for the Filipino chicken adobo recipe I managed to find. I can hardly wait to try this one out and I’ll probably tackle it on my next break. That is, if Leyna lets me back into the kitchen.😉

Wow. I didn’t think I would feel that much improvement after the transfusion but it really helped. My wooziness is nearly gone and I can stand up without feeling as though all the blood is draining out of my head and upper body. I’m used to feeling a bit light-headed sometimes when standing up from a seated or prone position due to my usual low blood pressure but this has been off the charts, so any relief is welcome. The last thing I want to do is to black out, do a facial plant into the floor, and then have Dr. Santiago yell at me for being too careless!😆