22 May, cycle 3A

So there’s a rumor that I could go home today. My numbers have climbed significantly and we’re now just waiting for an ANC count to come up from the lab. If it’s high enough they’ll kick me out the door, which means I’ll get to spend at least a portion of Rory’s birthday at home with everyone! Leyna has a really nice meal planned for tonight and she actually made cheesecake yesterday, Rory’s favorite. I’m proud of her. It isn’t a hard recipe at all but it has a certain technique and series of steps that have to be followed in order for it to really shine.

Yep, I’m going home! Rory’s coming to pick me up now, I have the release paperwork, and now all I need is for this stupid catheter to be pulled out of my arm. Honestly, the nurse who last removed my PICC line, Justin, was far more sensible about this whole issue. He thinks that by waiting until the absolute last minute to remove the line, there could be a greater chance of an uncontrolled bleed for the patient. Yeah, that would be bad.

We’re home and almost everyone is involved in some dinner prep. I’m doing the asparagus, Rory’s outside on the fryer, and Leyna is on the burner next to mine, searing up what look to be two magnificent New York steaks with thinly sliced garlic and generous sprigs of fresh rosemary. Then it’s on to Leyna’s cheesecake, which turned out beautifully. With the exception of a few awkward moments getting reaccustomed to my own kitchen, which always happens after these long absences, Leyna and I are able to work together at the stove without killing each other. Thank goodness the stovetop is big enough to handle two cooks!

I sure wish Lauren would get her butt out of the shower because I wants me some cheesecake, dammit!😆😜