27 May – fifth break

My fever seems to be gone. I’ve gone about 36 hours without any sort of aspirin or acetaminophen and my temp seems to be holding steady at between 97.6 and 98.3. I’ll take that! On the downside, now the tissue to the right of the nail bed on my right big toe seems to be getting inflamed. What the actual hell… I have been doing absolutely NOTHING to encourage any sort of infection and yet here we are, with red blotchy ankles and now a stinkin’ toe that was well on its way to being healed now seemingly compromised as well. AARRGH. This is ridiculous. I have to call Dr. Santiago’s office anyway to make sure that the orders for my return to the hospital on Monday have been processed and I intend to mention all this as well. Let’s hope I can get through to an actual breathing human being this time! I’ve taken pictures of my ankles and offending digit so I can pass those along if needed.

Welp, the day is wrapping up and I got WAY too caught up in building the eggplant Parmesan so the call to the doc never happened. I’ve done pretty well and for being on my feet for as long as I have, I don’t feel too knackered. I hope everyone likes the EP – it’s one of my favorites and I could probably eat an entire baking dishful on my own!

WHOA. That was some extremely tasty food. Everyone except Lauren went back for seconds and our neighbor Amy contributed some really good green beans – not your ordinary string bean, these guys were chonky bois. I’ll have to ask her what kind they were. The eggplant was marvelous but I’ll have to tweak the recipe somewhat to improve the texture. Now it’s time to rest, put up my feet, and call it a day. I wish I had some fresh fruit… or maybe ice cream…😄