28 May – fifth break

Started the day off, once again, on the back deck, this time in sparkling clear sunshine. The sun didn’t last though and now, at a bit past 4pm, it’s overcast and threatening rain. The day passed in a blur. I’m only now just beginning this blog post! I ended up phoning both my oncologist (to make sure the orders for my readmission to the hospital on Monday have been dealt with) and my new podiatrist (to let her know that one of my toes is giving me grief again) this morning. I’m fairly impressed with how quickly Dr. Shebetka’s office staff handled my call and got my email and photos forwarded to her. I had an antibiotic prescription order waiting for me at our local Walgreens by 11:00am. Dr. Santiago’s office, on the other hand, was a bit more of a nightmare. I think I was transfered to three separate humans before I got in touch with someone who actually knew more or less what I was talking about. Thankfully, Dr. Santiago now has, or should have, all the necessary paperwork to get me back in the door. Let’s hope that I don’t have to wait for another three hours at the Admissions desk on Monday!

I spent the bulk of mid-day poring over my bead and jewelry-making kit, designing baubles for my hospital favorites. Holy moly, Thelma is going to feel like a QUEEN in the necklace I have planned for her! Honestly, I may have to make one for myself, providing I have enough pear briolettes left. The shades of blue are amazing! Christy should really like her necklace (coin pearl, carnelian and Bali silver beads on thin leather cord) and I really hope Dr. Bambo will like her earrings (faceted teardrop briolettes of different sizes and colors in a small cascade). I have one more pair of earrings to design but I have most of the components chosen, including a beautiful matched set of faceted amethyst briolettes that I’ve held onto for years. These will be for Trisha, my goofball night nurse. I blearily asked her one night, while she was taking my midnight blood labs, what her favorite stone and metal colors were. She gave a snort and asked me if I was going to propose. Weirdo!❤️

Dinner’s done, everyone’s tucked into their books or iPhones, and the evening’s winding down. I’ve just taken the first of the antibiotic round for my toe infection (OOF… huge tablet) and I’m craving something sweet. Maybe I’ll dive into a tangerine or two.