30 May – fifth break

Back outside, yet again! This morning decompression time on the back patio is becoming habit-forming. Well, honestly, how could it not, with the day so bright and gorgeous, the sun winking through the trees, a light breeze blowing, and every time I look straight up from where I’m sitting I’m treated to myriad shades of green twinkling in the sunlight contrasting against a clear blue sky. I can gaze into our neighbors’ back yard and admire Amy’s wildflower patch and I’m being serenaded by mockingbirds and cardinals. The other morning I was even visited by a bright green little anole, who scuttled across the wood bench close to where I had my feet propped up. He stopped just a few feet away, his tiny scales glistening in the sun, and puffed out his bright red throat sack a couple times before heading off on business of his own. I LOVE these little lizards as well as our tiny little geckos that sweetly peep from under the deck. All critters are welcome in my yard. Except the deer. Vermin. Oh, and the nightmarish red headed centipedes that grow to the length of small buses. Nope, nope, nope.

I spent a good portion of the afternoon working on my jewelry designs. My wire-wrapping technique is extremely rusty since I haven’t done much of it in years but I’ve already finished the bulk of both necklaces that I had planned. I still need to add the clasps but they look really good and I’m quite pleased with them. I sure hope the recipients are as happy to have them! Thelma’s necklace has turned into an absolute stunner, so pretty that I’m thinking of making a version for myself.😄

Dinner was fairly simple – a pasta dish with lemon, capers, cannellini beans and broccoli that was really satisfying. Leyna picked around the beans but ate everything else and Lauren got a specially prepared plate of fruit, cheese and sliced ham. That kid is such a picky eater that I’ve all but given up on trying to feed her from the family’s main menu. Leyna started making the dinner “specials” while I was in the hospital and it’s actually a good idea. At least we know that Lauren will get something healthy to eat and that she’ll eat all of what’s set in front of her. It was interesting to see that her sliced peach disappeared first, even before her fresh raspberries! I swear, if we had a peach or plum tree I would have to Lauren-proof it because otherwise she’d shimmy up the trunk and hang from the upper limbs like a monkey while gorging on fruit! Not like I mind though. I love to see her actually enjoying something to eat for a change.