2 June, cycle 3B – 1st day of chemo

Wow. It felt good to type “cycle 3B”. Unless the bone marrow biopsy shows more cancer cells, this is my very last cycle in the hospital. As for that biopsy, I’m in a holding pattern this morning, waiting for the call to be whisked back down to the dungeons. I really can’t eat anything because they may sedate me and I can’t have much water, only very small sips. This sort of sucks. I’m quite hungry and I’ll probably end up missing breakfast. Phooey.

So the call to be swept away downstairs never happened and now it looks like I’ll get the biopsy first thing tomorrow morning. Personally, I’m not holding my breath! Meanwhile, the day has come and gone in a fuzzy blur. I guess I didn’t get as much sleep last night as I thought I had because I was nodding for a good portion of the day. OH – God bless whichever nurse it was who ordered breakfast for me this morning! I had sort of written off getting anything more to eat besides cereal but an entire tray showed up with maple French toast, sausage, peaches, Raisin Bran cereal, orange juice and coffee! Everything was gratefully accepted and enthusiastically devoured. My ladies (and a few gentlemen as well) take such good care of me.❤️❤️ Oh, I gave Christy her necklace today. She LOVED it and put it on immediately. Yay!

It’s a bit after 8pm now and I’m watching the sun go down. Way off to the southeast, huge billowing cloud towers are forming, their tops turning a burnished pink-gold in the evening light. There must be some very moist warm air blowing in from the Gulf because that’s the only time I see cloud formations like this. Very tropical. I love this time of day, the light is so beautiful. It’s a good way to finish the day!😊