3 June, cycle 3B – 2nd day of chemo

Hah! Why am I not surprised. I won’t be getting the biopsy now until noon and all thought of sedation has gone out the window due to my having had a sizable breakfast. There’s simply no way I’m going to fast for that long so I’ll just have to grit my teeth through the local anesthesia. Wheeee…

My plan for today is to resume work on jewelry gifties for my nurses and support staff. I sort of got shot down yesterday when I asked Hope which metal she preferred and her answer was gold. EEP. I don’t work in gold because it’s WAY too expensive. Seriously, the last time I checked metal prices a few days ago, gold was up to something like $1700/ounce. Even platinum isn’t that much! Silver’s far more reasonable at around $15/ounce and one ounce will get you a lot of components or lightweight chain. I may cheat and order gold-filled, or maybe mix metals carefully. I still have some 14k beads left over from another project but I’ll need either chain or ear wires, depending on whether I make her a necklace or earrings. It’s a quandary…🤔 Ugh, now Shae has said that she prefers gold as well, although she has some silver. Maybe some hammered sterling earrings? If I do that I’ll have to have Rory bring me my steel block and ball peen hammer. Oh, and my brass brush as well. Geez, metal hammering makes such a horrible racket!

Finally, the biopsy is done and over with. I ended up waiting until after 2pm to be swept down to the dungeons and waited there in a holding pen until after 3:30 before they finally dragged me into the CT scan room. The procedure itself is very quick and even though it doesn’t feel great, the worst part by far are the anesthetic injections, which make me twitch pretty violently, I think due to the needles’ proximity to the spinal column. Honestly, at one point my right leg kicked up involuntarily (I was lying on my tummy) and I was afraid I was going to clock the doctor in the head. Probably not the best of ideas!

The remainder of the day passed without incident although I was really tired throughout the day and kept nodding off during an episode of Breaking Bad. I’m just glad I didn’t attempt to watch a new episode of Peaky Blinders. I had hoped to get to bed early but with more chemo, nightly meds, and a very late visit by Dr. Santiago, I didn’t manage to crawl in until well after 10pm. Blurgh… I may have to hang a Do Not Disturb sign on my door tomorrow afternoon just so I can get a nap!