5 June, cycle 3B – 4th day of chemo

Welp, maybe three-and-a-half days of chemo. I finished my last infusion of Cyterabine this morning and my Methotrexate levels are below 1 so I may not need any more Leucovorin either. I am a complete wreck however. Last night was probably my most broken night since I began this cycle and I KNOW that I’ll need some sort of quick nap just to get me through the day today. That should be interesting given the steady stream of hospital staff coming into my room.

I didn’t end up getting a nap but I did make a decent amount of progress on my jewelry pieces. I couldn’t stand it any more and showed Thelma her necklace and earrings. I think she was completely gobsmacked and gave me a great big hug! I finished the earrings later on and have the whole set bundled up in a pretty little mesh bag so if she comes in tomorrow, I can give them to her. That’s two down. Dr. Bambo’s earrings will be finished by tomorrow, then it’s on to Mary Ellen’s necklace, then Trisha’s earrings (and maybe necklace too, but I’m running out of chain), then Rosario’s earrings and necklace, then Shae’s earrings. Shae’s will be a challenge because I want to make hers out of hammered sterling wire and I’ll have to ask Rory to bring down my steel hammering block and my ball peen hammer. Geez, my neighbors in the adjacent rooms are going to hate me!

I can’t seem to get warm. I’ve already had dinner and it feels like the thermostat is once again on crack because the room is so chill. I don’t want to turn up the heat though, that just seems daft, but I may end up doing so. It may be, too, that I’m in civilian clothes today and I only have a light t-shirt on my upper body. I couldn’t bear the idea of pulling on yet another hospital gown after my shower this morning so I’ll have to ask my nurse to unhook me from the ball and chain just so I can change for bed. Pfeh…

Oh, big news of the day. The biopsy results came in: NO NEW LEUKEMIA CELLS! 🎉🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🎉