6 June, cycle 3B

Had a better night last night and I was able to get to bed earlier, which really helps. I still feel like my brain has been replaced with a few pounds of cotton wool but that will eventually dissipate. I can’t think my way out of a wet paper bag at the moment though! I’m also really hungry and I’m looking forward to breakfast. Hell, I’m looking forward to any food that comes my way!

My day today will most likely consist of lots of jewelry making. Oh, and swearing as well. Wire wrapping is relatively easy if you can actually see just what the heck you’re doing but without the proper light or a big magnifier it can be a real challenge. I have pretty decent light here in the room but my eyes are definitely NOT as good as they were and my field of focus, even with my bifocals, isn’t great. Yep, aging seriously sucks sometimes. I’ll try to keep the colorful language to a minimum but I’m not making any promises. 😆

I gave Thelma her earring/necklace set this afternoon. I had a pretty little lavender-colored mesh bag to put them in and it made for a sweet presentation. Thelma was over the moon, she LOVED them! The stone colors (pale to medium blues and white pearl) will go beautifully against her darker skin, as will the sterling silver chain. Apparently she and her husband have been invited to attend an all-expenses-paid wedding in Paris next spring so now she has some nice jewelry to wear for the occasion!😊❤️

The rest of the day passed in a fuzzy blur. I was completely knocked sideways by the need for sleep and tried to indulge every chance I could get. Well, it wasn’t hard – every time I opened the iPad I began nodding off and forget about reading a book. When Rory called to chat around 5pm I was seeing double, yawning until my jaws ached and couldn’t focus on much of anything. I hope tomorrow will be better and I’ll be a bit more alert.