7 June, cycle 3B

I had a much better night last night despite getting out of bed every two hours to toddle off to the loo. My body is only doing what it’s supposed to and it’s being quite efficient about it. I don’t think I’ll need any diuretics this cycle either, which is a relief. Any time I can dodge having to take more meds is a good thing. Rory’s coming to visit today and I have to get my chores done before he arrives. In this case, chores = washing my laundry. I’ve once again put it off a bit too long and now it’ll take me some time to churn through it all. I also have to cobble together another pair of earrings, this time for MaryGrace, one of my favorite PCAs. She’s been with me off and on since my first cycle and is always so sweet, but she often gets floated to different floors and so I can’t depend on seeing her regularly. She’s working tonight, hopefully in my unit, so I want to have her little giftie ready.😊 She likes green and I have some beautiful little faceted peridot briolettes that I might pair up with some chrysoprase, another lovely stone that comes in gorgeous shades of green and aqua.

Wow, I got more done today than I was expecting. I designed and finished a pair of earrings and figured out how to encase a rough stone in a wire cage to use as a pendant. I also gave Gail her giftie, a chunk of geode with a cluster of amethyst crystal points on one side. I’m hoping that I can get MaryGrace’s earrings to her tonight because I think she’s off for a few days and I want to make sure she receives her little giftie before I disappear into the ether.

I’m once again a (relatively) free agent. I was disconnected from the ball and chain earlier this afternoon and I can’t stress enough how much this means to me. That stupid IV pole has to be dragged EVERYWHERE, even across the room if I want to turn off the room lights, and of course it has to come with me when I go to the loo because the electrical cords and IV tubing won’t reach that far and even if they did, the tubing might get smooshed under the door. Plus, I won’t have to listen to the pump as it snores and grumbles through the night. It’s all a win-win!😄