8 June, cycle 3B

Ah, blissful sleep. Without the IV pump growling in my ear through the night I was able to get a pretty good night’s rest. Also, because I’ve been taken off the fluids, I’m no longer dashing off to the loo nearly as frequently. So now we wait once again for the cell counts to do their thing. This morning’s numbers are showing that my white blood cells are already cratering although my hemoglobin is still relatively high. That’s fine with me, I really don’t want another transfusion if I can avoid it.

Geez, there was a small party in my room a bit before 6 this morning! Both Gail and MaryGrace were feeling chatty and sharing their videos with me. Gail plays the piano and MaryGrace sings and both are pretty darn good! MaryGrace let out a cute little SQUEEEE when I gave her the earrings and immediately put them on. They look amazing against her black hair, very sparkly! I’m glad I was already feeling more rested; otherwise I may have kicked them out of my room. Gently, of course.😆

I finished Rosario’s turquoise necklace this afternoon and it turned out beautifully, although I rather wish I’d had heavier leather cording for it. The pendant is a bit heavy and it’s such a gorgeous chunk of stone that I want it to be well supported. Tomorrow I’m going to try to get through two sets of earrings and then I’ll be just about done. I’m toying with the idea of another necklace for Abby, one of my PCAs. She strikes me as a person who hasn’t been well treated by her family or husband and I’d like for her to have something that makes her feel special. Her favorite color is green and I have some beautiful semi-precious beads in that hue so putting something together shouldn’t be an issue.

I can hardly wait to get back home. There are a lot of projects waiting for me and I want to tackle them as soon as my strength is somewhat recovered. Then, of course, there are the paintings, loads of them that I want to stop procrastinating over and just PAINT. Seascapes, cat portraits, a portrait of Leyna (I’ve got a great idea for this one but I’ll need Leyna to actually model for me), a portrait of the girls when they were little and playing in the surf at Laguna Beach… the list goes on. Just thinking about this stuff makes me happy.❤️