9 June, cycle 3B

It’s really beginning to feel as though things are winding down here at the hospital. Sure, I still have to wait for my counts to do their little rollercoaster ride, but my strength is improving and I’m not crippled by overwhelming sleepiness. I’m also pretty sure that there are some nurses and staff whom I probably won’t be seeing again, which makes me a bit sad. There are a couple of night nurses that I haven’t seen in multiple cycles who may have either been furloughed by the whole Covid nightmare or have transferred to another floor. *Sigh* If I start volunteering for the Bluebird Auxiliary (providing the Covid nightmare dissipates) I may be able to stay in contact with at least some of the staff here but not the folks on the night shift.😔

Aaaahhhh…. Tremendous sigh of relief. Just finished my laundry and my room is now festooned with ladies’ underthings. IV poles make great drying racks, by the way.😆 Now for lunch! Hungry, hungry, hungry…

I finished TWO sets of earrings today! I really have to get cranking on Trisha’s necklace now but at least her earrings are done. Hers is the only other complete set that I’m going to do because necklaces, especially beaded ones with silver chain, take so long to build. I gave Rosario her turquoise necklace and she was beside herself. Her eyes were as big as saucers! Abby’s giftie was delivered as well and was also gratefully received. It looks like I may just get everything done for all my peeps – I measured Kat’s wrist today and will probably make a bracelet out of braided leather cord with maybe some silver beads worked in. Her favorite color is orange but I don’t have any… oh, wait, I actually DO have some orange beads! This could work. It still looks like I’ll have to deliver two gifties once I’m out of the hospital though, because I want to make hammered silver wire earrings for Shae and Raquel and I can really only do that at home.

The mouth sores (or in this case, sore) are back with a vengeance. I noticed a sore spot beginning on the side of my tongue yesterday and today it was so bad that I actually had some trouble eating and swallowing. Thankfully it’s just the one spot and it should only last for a few days but BOY it hurts! I wasn’t as diligent today with my saline rinses as I should have been and I may be paying the price for that now. Fabulous…😑