13 June, cycle 3B

This will probably be a short post because I really don’t have the patience for a long-winded soliloquy. I’m seriously cranky over the continued mouth pain, it’s interfering WAY too much with my food intake and even though I’m finding things that I can manage to eat without screaming in agony, I’m f*cking tired of it. All of it. I’m tired of feeling that I’m made of glass. I think I’m now working on an ear infection because I have sharp shooting pain in my left ear that extends down to the back of my throat, which says to me that there’s something up with the Eustachian tube on that side. My immune system is so compromised that the least little thing can cause an infection. I wore earplugs for about an hour last night because some bone-headed Sparky Numbnuts was up on the ninth floor, almost directly overhead, using what sounded like a reciprocal saw. Thankfully the racket stopped a bit before 9pm but we had no idea how long it would last and my nurse scrounged up earplugs for us. Welp, I think those earplugs pushed me over the edge and into infection territory. Just a suspicion, I have no proof but I know how my body sometimes reacts when orifices are blocked. I ended up with a whopper of a sinus infection about 10 years ago when I stuffed a tissue up one of my nostrils to contain the constant drip during an allergy flare-up. Yeah, not fun. Yes, I’m complaining. No, I don’t effing care. I’m pissed and I want this to be OVER.