14 June, cycle 3B

So I ran a low fever last night. Only 99.0, not really a fever so much as a slightly elevated temperature, but now I’m totally gun-shy. The last time my temp was checked, at around 3pm, it was 98.4, well within the normal range. Still, I really, REALLY hope that it doesn’t climb because that would mean some sort of bacterial or viral infection and my body just can’t deal with that right now. I basically have no white blood cells so I wouldn’t be able to fight off anything, not even something as minor as the common cold. I would probably end up in the ER with pneumonia or sepsis.

My mouth feels marginally better today. My breakfast was all soft foods but I dared to order a tuna salad sammie for lunch, which caused me some pain but I was able to eat. Tonight’s dinner may be more of a challenge but I’m HUNGRY. Two days of eating mushy food has left me ravenous for something more substantial. We’ll see if I’ll be able to eat the chicken, although I should be able to negotiate the Mac&cheese and the veggies with little problem.

Not much of a day really. I spent it reading, reading, reading and looking up vegetarian recipes online and in the two Sunset magazines that I brought from home but hadn’t gone through yet. Found some potentially tasty options that Leyna may like and I hope Lauren will eat, but as she’s a diehard veggiephobe I’m not holding out much hope. Leyna announced to us about a month ago that she wants to go vegetarian but not strictly vegan, at least not yet. Cool, I can handle that. Eating factory-farmed animals raises the hair on the back of my neck anyway and we could do with a LOT less meat, even though we rarely eat red meat any more. Still, I won’t entirely write it off. The occasional roasted chicken or pork tenderloin will still be served at our table but it will be far less frequent. Not sure yet what we’ll do for the holidays but I’ve got plenty of time to figure that one out. No tofurkey, I can promise that! I do have standards, after all.😆