16 June, cycle 3B

Yes, I know I wrote at the end of yesterday’s post that BAB was going dark for a while. I lied. I’m posting. I’m BORED and there isn’t anything to do. Also, my iPad is working once again! Well, it was working already but it couldn’t connect to the internet so I pretty much gave it up for a lost cause. Then Rory told me about an outage that T–Mobile/AT&T experienced yesterday and that must have been the problem because I was able to establish a connection this morning within seconds. I didn’t even hear about it, unless Rory told me while I was in a delirium. Derp.

So this is nuts. It took me nearly an HOUR to finish my breakfast this morning, despite the fact that I only had oatmeal, yogurt and a few small chunks of melon. The pain is unbearable and I really wish I could be put on something a little more heavy-duty than Lidocaine mouth rinses and Tylenol. Hell, I might almost welcome some kind of opiate but I don’t want to go through withdrawals when I leave the hospital. I’ve seen how miserable that is and I don’t want to experience it first-hand.

My fever began rising again late this morning and climbed to 99.6. I don’t know what my temperature is now but I don’t feel at all feverish any more. Go figure. The elevated temp may be a result of the transfusion from yesterday and that sort of makes sense. After all, my body just received a unit of blood from someone it’s never met and all those foreign blood cells are probably waking up what’s left of my immune system. Ah, speak of the devil… it’s vitals time! And the results are in: my temp is now 99.1. Better but it still needs to drop a full degree to be in my version of a normal range.

Dr. Santiago added another pain med to my slowly growing list, so I’m trying something called Norco now. It’s a very light-dose opiate blended with Tylenol and we’ll see what it does. I hope I won’t be swinging from the rafters in a few hours but it’s more likely that I’ll be passed out or drooling uncontrollably. Or both!🤪

Bluuuuurrggh. So, SO sleepy and groggy from the meds. The good news is that the new drug seems to really help with hitting the dimmer switch on the pain. (Also, no involuntary drooling, so there’s that.) I’ll take another dose just before going to bed and that, combined with a Pink Magic rinse, will probably get me through the night. Time for snoozing.😴