18 June, cycle 3B

Wow. What do you know. I think we’ve finally hit on a med combo that will dull the pain and allow me to sleep. I slept really soundly last night and didn’t have any wake-ups due to mouth pain. Dryness, yes, but I certainly wasn’t ready to scream into a pillow because of the discomfort. Last night just before going to bed I was actually using my hospital bed as a punching bag, I was so beyond frustrated. At one point I felt a strong twinge in my left wrist and decided I’d better stop so as not to cause more damage to my body, but boy if I’d had wrist braces or gloves I probably would have kept flailing. If you’ve ever been in constant pain for an extended period of time, you can imagine how I was feeling. Some folks get weepy; I get pissed. Oh, I can get weepy as well but the over-riding emotion is usually anger/frustration.

My numbers are still completely in the toilet. This will probably end up being my longest hospital stay because my white blood cell count has been at 0.1 or below for eight days and I’ve already had six injections of Granix. I’m beginning to wonder when the Granix will kick in but I’m extremely grateful that I haven’t had any pain related to the injections.

Been fighting sleep all day long. The overnight meds combined with the Benadryl I was given prior to the transfusion have made me a mumbling, semi-coherent mess. I’ve been nodding over my iPad for a few hours already. I should probably just break down and take a nap but I think I’ve missed my window for that. It’s too late in the day and a nap now might make it more difficult for me to sleep tonight. Nope, not gonna do it. ZZZzzzzzz…..😴

Dr. Santiago finally showed up tonight at 9:30. That’s a new record for him. I’d sort of given up on seeing him when 9pm rolled around and he still hadn’t showed so I was a bit surprised when he tapped on my door and came in. Thank goodness I hadn’t crawled into bed yet!