19 June, cycle 3B

I had another night of almost unbroken sleep, then at 4:30 Gail, my PCA, came in to take my vitals and proceeded to break down into a teary little ball. Apparently she’d been publicly dissed at the nurses’ station by one of the other nurses, a guy I’ve had as my nurse before who somehow struck me as a bit of a Bubba. She was most upset by it and needed to vent to someone other than nursing staff. Evidently my room is now becoming a sanctuary because Gail said that I was the only person on the floor who she felt comfortable speaking to. Yep, I’m now a therapist in my off hours! Poor thing… she was so upset. I held her hand for a bit and let her cry it out for a few minutes before she pulled herself together. We chatted a bit more about family background and how we were both raised and I learned that her mom is bi-polar, emotionally distant and sometimes violent. All this at Dark Thirty in the morning. Anyway, Gail eventually calmed down and thanked me for listening to her and I was able to get back to sleep, but what a way to start the day!

Geez, Robin, just because you’re feeling a bit better DOES NOT mean that ordering a sandwich for lunch is a bright idea! Oy. Yep, I ordered a chicken salad sandwich with tomato and mayo, thinking I might be able to chew it (the hospital uses ridiculously soft bread for their sandwiches). Boy, was I mistaken. I think I managed two bites before the pain in my mouth cried uncle. I was able to eat the rest by chopping up the bread and filling into little bits and then gulping those down. Pathetic, really, but at least I was able to finish my lunch. Except for the bread crusts.😉

The rest of the day was spent reading, watching Netflix and snoozing. The pain meds have made me very sleepy so it’s hard to keep from nodding during daylight hours. Bedtime is coming soon and honestly, I can hardly wait to curl up and slip into warm comfy forgetfulness for seven or eight hours.