21 June, cycle 3B

I’m starting this post rather late, as it’s nearly mid-afternoon, but today has been a pretty good day so far. I awoke after a REALLY sound night’s sleep, groggy as hell and ready to crawl back into bed for another few hours, and I think the grogginess is being caused by one of my evening meds. I plan on refusing it tonight (thank goodness I have that option) so I may not sleep quite as soundly but at least I’ll be able to think more clearly tomorrow!

Dr. Santiago has already dropped by and it’s his opinion that I’ll be going home in the next few days. Personally, I’m guessing maybe Tuesday or Wednesday, but we’ll see what my counts do. We’ve started a “betting pool” to see who can most closely guess the number of my cell counts. I beat him today when I guessed 1.6 as my WBC (the actual count was 1.8) and he guessed over 2.0. I’ve guessed that tomorrow’s number will be 3.6 and he says that I’m over-confident. Sore loser!😆

YAY! Trisha will be my nurse for tonight and Gail will be my PCA. This may be the last time I see either of them because they’ll both be off for a few days after tonight. I’ve collected Trisha’s phone number and Gail looked me up on FB so hopefully I can keep in contact.🙏🏻 This is going to be hard leaving these people who have looked after me for so long.