23 June, Cycle 3B

Welp, I’m not going home today. My platelets dropped from 31 to 27 so I’m not going anywhere. When Stacey told me the verdict early this morning I wasn’t really surprised but extremely disappointed. Hopefully the count will begin to recover within the next day or so. I’m at the point in my cycle where my counts should be coming back strong, at least according to the records I’ve kept of my counts during the last three cycles, but this time is different. My body seems much slower to bounce back which I guess isn’t surprising given how much it’s been bludgeoned with chemo over the last five months.

Whoa. It’s amazing how fast things can change in a few hours. Looks like I’ll be going home today after all! When Tatjana called Dr. Santiago around noon to see whether I would be getting another Granix shot, he told her that 1) I wouldn’t need another injection, and 2) I could go home! I guess he feels that my platelet count didn’t drop far enough for it to be a huge concern and he’s confident that it will begin to rise in the next few days. Now if I can just keep from hurting myself for about a week, I should be good!

Got to ring the bell, FINALLY. Full disclosure: I had been threatening for months that I’d ring that bell off the wall, never dreaming that I’d actually do any damage. Well, on the sixth ring (for six cycles of chemo), the bell broke off its metal hanger and I was barely able to catch it. Geez, I felt like a total idiot although there was laughter all through the nurses’ station. I think it was Kat’s idea to just go ahead and give me the broken bell, so it was passed around and signed by all the nurses and staff there. What an incredible souvenir! Needless to say, I tracked down another bell and have it on order now. 😆❤️