25 June – home for good!

I skipped yesterday’s post without meaning to but there wasn’t a whole lot to post about. I’m doing my best to keep my feet up because I have a suspicion there’s a link between how swollen my ankles get and how fast the cellulitis sets in. I also suspect that the same goes for the infection in my toes. Yesterday Rory and I did a few errands in the afternoon and by the time we were finishing up at Lowe’s, both my big toes were glowing red. As soon as we got home I put my feet up and the redness went away. This new development is going to make it VERY difficult for me to get anything done around the house. I ordered a new style of compression sock, more like a sleeve that extends from the knee to the ankle, but I tried a pair on Tuesday when I got home and my ankles swell pretty badly below the socks. I may just have to go back to the socks that I cut the toes out of. Ugh… I hope this isn’t my new normal, because if so this is going to be a serious pain in the ass.

YUM. Our neighbor Amy brought over some tomatoes and cucumbers from her garden so I turned one of the cukes into a nice little Japanese salad called sunomono, with rice vinegar, a bit of toasted sesame oil and a tiny bit of salt and an even smaller amount of sugar. So, sooo good, and a tasty accompaniment to my tomato and avocado sammie on sourdough with mayo. *BURP* Tummy’s very happy now!

I have my first follow-up appointment with Dr. Santiago at his office in San Antonio on the 7th of July. I’ve pretty much made up my mind that I’m not going for the medi-port. It’s a surgical procedure both to install and remove it and I don’t really need the extra risk of possible infection due to an incision. The medi-port also uses a catheter that feeds into one of the major veins just above the heart. Having one of these in place for a year or more gives me the willies, not to mention the increased risk of blood clots due to the catheter. I’ve already dealt with this and it isn’t fun. The alternative is to use the veins in my hands for the in-office chemo IV needles, which I’m not 100% thrilled about but I prefer that to the medi-port. Oh yes, there are also the blood draws. Crap, I hadn’t thought of that. Well, I had loads of blood draws during my pregnancy and I didn’t suffer any ill effects from those. This shouldn’t be that much different, just a longer duration.