27 June

Got LOTS of chores to do today! We’re having Movie Night tonight and we’re actually having a couple friends over (outdoor only, properly socially distanced, of course). I have to make sure I take it easy and do everything in small stages because of the swelling issues in my legs but I think it’s possible. I’m about to get up now and shuck and wash the corn for the salad. I’ll measure out the tomatoes as well and maybe slice up the watermelon, then it’s back to the rocker in the living room to put up my feet! Ugh… So annoying.

Corn and tomato salad – done; watermelon – cut up and in the fridge; miscellaneous tidying in the kitchen – done; girls’ bathroom – cleaned. I need a nap! So far my ankles and lower legs are doing okay. They’re a bit swollen but not bad and it doesn’t look as though the cellulitis is gaining a foothold. All good. This will be a short post because our friends will be arriving soon and I still have a few small things to do before they get here. Movie Nights are always a bit hectic!😊