28 June

I’ve started out the day indoors this morning. It’s oppressively oogy outside, like being slapped in the face with a warm wet blanket, and it isn’t even 9am yet! I’ve a feeling that today is going to be VERY low key. We didn’t get to bed until close to midnight (late for us) and Lauren didn’t sleep at all well due to some sort of flying insect that got trapped in her room and kept her awake. She finally got fed up and slowed it down with her baseball bat before finishing it off with her shoe.🤣 She’s seen me dispatch big crawlies with shoes often enough now that it’s one of her first weapons of choice for dealing with offending bugaboos. Hey, they both saw me whip off my flip-flop and smash a truly huge cockroach in our local Target one day. So did another customer, an older gentleman who grinned and said something like, “You almost needed a shotgun for that thing!” Thank goodness I was near enough to the Starbucks kiosk that I was able to grab some napkins to remove the insect carnage from the bottom of my shoe. Eeeeww!!!

Most of the day was spent just lazing around, although I did manage to get the post-Movie Night disaster cleared away in the kitchen. My lower legs, ankles and toes are still doing pretty well with no real sign yet of infection or cellulitis but I’m still very cautious and don’t spend much time on my feet. Tomorrow may be different though – I’m cooking dinner and I’ll need to be in the kitchen for a while. I’m also thinking of driving down to San Antonio to deliver the replacement bell to the hospital. (I should have had the darn thing delivered to the hospital directly but I didn’t think of that until AFTER I placed the order. Gah!) I suppose I can wait on this until next week when I go to see Dr. Santiago but I really don’t want to wait because it wouldn’t be fair to other patients to have to miss out on their own bell-ringing moments.

Hey, we’ve got rain! It’s pouring out there right now but I don’t think it will last. Aaaaand… there it goes. It’s letting up. Texas weather is on crack most of the time but I LOVE the storms!

Poor Rory had to nip out to HEB yet again for tomato sauce for tonight’s dinner. He used up what we had last night while he was making pizzas for everyone and forgot that we didn’t have any more. That’s probably the fourth time he’s been out today doing errands. Thankfully he’s made a new mask for himself that does a better job of sealing around the face and it’s made of finer fabric to better filter out the crud. It’s no N95 but it does the job.

Good dinner tonight – ravioli with marinara sauce and fresh basil accompanied by green beans. YUM. Tomorrow I’m going to make a potato and leek soup with the potatoes that Amy brought over today. They’re such beautiful little babies that I don’t really want to waste them in a soup, I’d rather taste them by themselves, but I’ll see how it goes. I may have enough left over for a potato galette or maybe an au gratin dish.😊