29 June

Ack, I have to get my post going and as far along as I can before Leyna starts hunting for the iPad. It’s becoming a bit of a struggle to share this thing. It’s a wonderful tool for writing, it’s small, light and portable, and it also has a drawing app that Leyna has been using. Her drawings are becoming quite sophisticated and her style is developing wonderfully. She usually draws faces or figures and though their anatomy and proportions are correct, she executes them in a loose, sketchy, exaggerated way that reminds me strongly of the original illustrations for “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, the book series. Anyway, I don’t want to take this tool away from my kid when she so obviously enjoys using it and I suppose I can use the WordPress app on my phone. It’s a little awkward, though, typing longer blocks of text with my thumbs. Yep, it’s a First World problem.😄

So I’ve been informed by my kid that unless I make my soup tonight with vegetable stock, she’ll have something else for dinner. (Full disclosure: She said this as nicely as she could, it wasn’t a blatantly obnoxious demand.) Dammit. I was really looking forward to using the last container of frozen turkey stock that we cooked up just after Thanksgiving. I certainly admire my daughter for sticking to her convictions and I really don’t (much) mind the lack of meat in our diet, but COME OONNNNN. It does get exasperating sometimes. It’s STOCK, fer cryin’ out loud, made from the carcass of a pastured turkey, raised as kindly as possible. Nope, it’s gotta be veggie stock. *SIGH*

The soup went over well although I think it would taste better with a little bit of crumbled bacon in it. Still, Leyna ate it without complaint. Lauren, not so much, but then that kid never eats anything anyway. I ended up giving her a platter of fruit, cheese and sliced ham, which she ate most of.