30 June

I’m a thieving rat. I bogarted the iPad last night and I grabbed it again this morning before a certain kid could get her sweaty teenage paws on it. (Insert Machiavellian laugh here.) Not to worry, she’ll get her chance to use it today but I want to make sure I get my post well under way before then.😄

It’s an odd day today. I’m out on the patio and the humidity is high but there’s a nice breeze and the temperature is very pleasant. It’s overcast but I didn’t glance at the forecast this morning so I don’t know if there will be any rain. It’s an almost solid grey cloud cover with little to no breaks, almost like the marine layer in SoCal. It’s really quite nice to be out here though and the breeze seems to be keeping the mosquitos at bay. Little bloodsucking nuisances. I’ve gotten a couple bites since being home and because of my dodgy immune system, they aren’t healing as fast as usual. Phooey.

I seem to be doing better. Even though my immune system is still wonky, I feel a bit stronger and my legs and toenail beds aren’t yet showing any signs of infection. I still get very woozy when straightening up after bending over but I have a technique to deal with it that I learned in yoga class. I would LOVE to start taking yoga classes again, or even just to follow along to some instructional videos (much cheaper that way). My balance, never very good in the first place, has completely tanked and I have almost no strength in my upper body. I actually have flabby upper arms and I’ve NEVER had that before! Time to start doing some exercises to firm up those triceps.😄

Rory went to work on dinner quite early this afternoon but there was a LOT of prep that needed doing. He’s making gyoza, or pot stickers, and the filling requires that everything be chopped finely. I can hardly wait to taste them!

Yep, the pot stickers were every bit as good as I thought they would be. I made an absolute pig of myself and snarfed down at least five of the tasty little buggers. Traditionally they’re made with a pork filling but due to new dietary restrictions, Rory made them with a vegan-friendly all-veggie filling instead. Seriously yummy!😍