1 July

Wow. The year’s half over and I was in solitary confinement for a good portion of that time! Rory helpfully (?) pointed out this morning that we are now officially on the downside of the year, which is really quite depressing but on the other hand, this year up until now has seriously sucked, what with my sickness, the pandemic, all the political brouhaha, the protests, the tanked economy… yep, I want a do-over. I’m sure most of the rest of the folks on this beleaguered little blue marble in space feel the same way!

I’m not sure what I’m going to do today but I’ll probably begin work on the remainder of the jewelry gifts that I planned on making. Two of the gifts will be friendship bracelets of some kind so I’ll need to get some embroidery thread for those, which means a trip to Joanns or even Michaels. Probably the former – I really don’t feel like driving all the way down to Selma just to go shopping.

I ended up going to Joanns for my supplies and took Leyna along with me. The trip turned into a bit of an ordeal. We ended up waiting in the checkout line for something like ten minutes while some Karen ahead of us kept insisting that the fabric squares she wanted to purchase were 25 cents a piece rather than the $2.99 that the clerk told her they were. Sale’s off, lady, get a clue. Then we stopped by 2Tarts for an iced latte and lemonade, only to have a woman ahead of us in line take our drinks, thinking they were hers. Okay, honest mistake, I might have done the same thing, but by that time my composure was seriously beginning to fray and this woman was, to put it kindly, a bit of an idiot. I made sure to thank the girls behind the counter profusely when they re-made our drink order and I left them a healthy tip. Poor bunnies, it wasn’t their fault and we adore all of them and their shop. I’m still getting used to being out in the wild again and my reaction time isn’t as good as it once was, or I might have said something to prevent this whole mini-fiasco from happening in the first place. Blurgh…🙄

Leyna suddenly decided that she HAD to make herself a pair of earrings while we were in Joanns, so after dinner I listened to her snarl as she fought with the ridiculously unworkable jump rings that she had bought. I finally stepped in and offered my help as well as some of my solid silver jump rings (sooooo much easier to work with), and the result was an extremely cute little pair of earrings, each with a tiny glass vial containing a few dried flower buds. Great idea! Now she just needs to get her ears pierced. Again. Oy.