2 July

Eep. I’m outside on the patio but I probably won’t be for long. There’s a yellow jacket that seems to have taken a liking to me, or at least to the back of my chair, and I may have to beat a hasty retreat back inside. Anyway, I’m going to start work on one of the woven friendship bracelets today. I picked out some amazing vivid colors and they should work well together when combined into one design. I found this stuff in the embroidery floss aisle – it isn’t floss, it’s more like thick thread, and it holds its shape nicely and should be fairly easy to work with.

So I’ve got the first bracelet started and at first I didn’t think I was doing it correctly. It takes several rows of knotting for the pattern and the structure to become apparent and I was probably fretting that I’d messed it up and would have to start over but it looks fine now. Actually, more than fine. It’s turning out really nicely and I hope to finish it tomorrow. Now, if Leyna would just keep her snarky comments to herself that would be great. I was working in the dining room and she walks in and says something like, “Oh, are we at summer camp?” Yeah, thanks for that. This particular bracelet is for a person who doesn’t usually wear jewelry and so I had to pick a design and materials that might better fit her preferences. Her favorite color is orange so the bracelet is woven in two shades of the color. Hell, it’s nice enough that I might make one for myself!😄

I fixed dinner tonight, which felt good even though my legs were beginning to give me a bit of grief. I made cheese tortellini dressed with spinach, tomatoes, onions, garlic, peas, lemon zest and brown butter and served it with a caprese salad on the side. Quite yummy and both girls ate it, even Lauren, although I was careful to give her pasta and tomatoes only. The spinach might have caused her to bolt in terror.