3 July

I’m beginning to lose track of the days! Even at the hospital I usually knew what day of the week it was because of the way the patients’ food menu was set up, but here at home I’m a basket case. On Wednesday I thought it was Thursday. Today I was nearly convinced it was Saturday until I looked at the calendar on my phone. With Rory working from home and the girls on their summer break the time isn’t divided neatly into week/weekend increments. It just flows, one day into the next, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily but it makes it a bit more difficult to keep track. Not that I need to worry about what day of the week it is, I’m not going anywhere and I don’t have any pressing engagements other than a doctor’s appointment next week.

I’m about to hop in the shower and then I’ll resume work on the bracelet and hope that Amy doesn’t discover my project and try to eat it. Dumb cat… I don’t know what her issue is but she LOVES string and thread and will absolutely try to eat it if she can get her fuzzy little paws on it. She cost us nearly $4k two years ago when she wharked down nearly an entire spool of yellow thread, which got bound up in her intestines. We nearly decided to let her go because honestly, who can afford that amount of money? However, one look at Lauren’s despondent face persuaded us to go ahead with the emergency surgery. On a weekend. Oy.

Oh. My. God. My eyes feel like they’re going to fall out of my head, my neck’s all cramped up, and I ADDED LESS THAN THREE INCHES to the length of the stinkin’ bracelet. This was a bad choice on my part. At this rate, there’s no WAY I can finish both this piece and the other three gifts in time for delivery on Tuesday when I’ll be driving into San Antonio for my appointment. I have to drop off the new bell at the hospital and I’d hoped to also bring along the remaining gifts I wanted to make, but these woven pieces take AGES to put together. Sure, they’re easy, but seriously time-consuming. I may have to re-think Mary Ellen’s necklace because I had planned to make hers using the same technique as the bracelet but with fewer threads. I may have to use leather cord instead – much easier and faster and still quite attractive.

Wow. Just… holy shit… WOW. We just finished watching “Hamilton” on Disney+. This particular performance was filmed in mid-2016, probably just after the production opened on Broadway. It. Was. AMAZING. I (predictably) came unglued during a few numbers, not as completely uncorked as I was during “Les Miserables” in London, but fairly close. I really, REALLY wish I’d been in the audience when, just after the last presidential election, the entire cast paused right in the middle of the performance to address Vice President-elect Pence, who happened to be in attendance that night. I don’t remember exactly what was said but it was pretty scathing.🤣