4 July

Happy Independence Day, everyone! I’m out on the back deck again listening to the cardinals and mockingbirds. According to my weather app it’s going to get hot today but right now it’s very pleasant. We usually attend the fireworks celebration in Landa Park on the 4th but it’s been cancelled because of the Covid nightmare. I’d still like to do something, like maybe BBQ some chicken legs on our grill, but that also means that Leyna probably won’t eat dinner unless I fix her a separate meal. *Sigh* We do our best to accommodate our resident veggie but dammit, I’m beginning to crave meat. I’m not talking about beef, chicken would suit me just fine, and chicken on the grill would be even better!😍

The day was a quiet one. I missed our annual foray into the park for the fireworks but we had a few boxes of smoke bombs and glow snakes that we lit in the back yard. Nothing noisy, of course – we didn’t want to draw any attention from nervous neighbors who have the local police department on speed dial. We grilled some steaks as well! I hadn’t had red meat since Rory’s birthday so it was a welcome change. Leyna was happy with her generous pile of asparagus and corn and Lauren… well, Lauren did her best, God love her. She did actually eat some of her corn and I think she also ate maybe two-thirds of the tiny bit of steak that I gave her. We have quite a bit of steak left over so I may make a steak salad tomorrow for lunch. YUM.

Not much more to report!