5 July

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’…

That’s sort of the way I feel lately. Time is flowing by so very quickly now and it crawled while I was in the hospital. One minute I was pondering the fact that June was drawing to a close and now it’s July 5th. What the hell? Weird.

Holy moly. I finally finished the bracelet. I had NO idea what I was getting myself into with that project or how long it would take me to finish the stupid thing. It came out nicely though and I think Kat will like it. I hope so anyway! Now for the other three items, two of which are earrings. I’ll be making those from shaped and hammered silver wire so that should be fun. Nothing like beating the living crap out of a piece of metal!😆 I’d still like to make a woven necklace at some point but now I can’t remember where I put the bundles of blue and purple thread that I bought. I’m sure I squirreled them away safely so the cats wouldn’t get into them but for the life of me, I don’t know where I stashed them. Ugh… I hate chemo brain. It’s even worse than menopausal brain!

Wow… Lauren absolutely mangled her foot just as we were going to bed. Apparently Leyna turned off the telly right in the middle of a show that Lauren was watching and Lauren thought she would retaliate by attempting to chuck our solid oak coffee table at her. I guess it was only meant to be an intimidation ploy but it backfired spectacularly and Lauren dropped the table on her right big toe. Her entire nail bed is now an incredible shade of dark lavender blue and I’ll bet she’ll lose the nail. Welp, I know a bit about toe nails now so I can coach her through it and bandage it properly if needed. Poor kid.😔