6 July

Today will probably be spent monitoring the damage to Lauren’s toe. The bruising has darkened a bit more and it’s quite painful. The poor kid ended up spending the night on the couch and didn’t get much sleep. She’s had an ice pack on it off and on since she smashed it last night but that isn’t easing the discomfort much. I wish she could manage pills, I’d give her an Aleve or some other anti-inflammatory.

I finished another pair of earrings today and they turned out beautifully. They’re thick sterling wire that I bent into spirals and then hammered to flatten and texture the metal. I had a few 14k gold beads and jump rings so I added those as accents. I’d like to make a pair for myself but first I’ll have to order more heavy wire. I’ll have to do this anyway because I’ll need it for the last earring set I have to make. Almost done with the gifts though – yay!

Rory took Lauren to the emergency clinic this afternoon to get her toe checked out. Nothing was broken, thankfully, but she’ll most likely lose the nail. The doctor ended up drilling a hole or two in the nail to ease the pressure and drain the blood that had built up underneath. (Sorry, that was a bit graphic!) She’s feeling quite a bit better now and is a good deal more chipper. She’ll have to keep soaking her foot periodically in warm water but she finds that very soothing. She’s now, I think, almost looking forward to losing the nail and being ”twins” with her old Ma.😆