7 July

Okay, fast update, since I’m writing this the day AFTER I should have posted it. Here are the highlights:

1. Lauren is feeling much less pain in her toe (YAY). She was able to sleep after seeing the doctor and she’s soaking her foot regularly. Now she’s hoping that the nail falls off soon.

2. My doctor’s appointment yesterday turned out to be a bust, other than completing all the office paperwork. Apparently Dr. Santiago is out of the office all week and his office STILL had the wrong number for my cellphone, so I wasn’t notified. That issue has finally been fixed (it should have been corrected back in early April but obviously wasn’t). Long story short: I’ll have a teleconference with Dr. Santiago next week and his office is trying to contact a lab here in town so that I can have all my labs done locally rather than driving into San Antonio for them.

3. I finally delivered the new bell to the hospital along with two of the remaining gifties but I wasn’t allowed up to the eighth floor to drop it off in person. I left the package at the information desk on the first floor and I hope to God it gets to where it’s supposed to go. I may give the hospital a call today to make sure.

4. I passed a milestone yesterday. My errands kept me out of the house for nearly six hours and I managed it pretty well. I was very tired by the time I got home but I was still able to cook dinner, although I rather wish I’d picked something a little less labor-intensive to fix! Even so, it was tasty and we have loads of leftovers for lunches.😊