8 July

Ummm… Good morning? I have NO idea what’s in store for the day other than giving the kitchen counters a good wipe-down and maybe even mopping the floor. (!!!) The kitchen floor is… well, it isn’t pleasant and I’m almost certain that it hasn’t been mopped since before I got sick. Yep, pretty nasty. Meanwhile, there’s a Zoom teleconference this afternoon at 5:30 with the school district superintendent to discuss plans for reopening the schools this fall. This should be interesting!

Welp, the counters got wiped down, the kitchen sink got scrubbed and then treated to a brief bleach bath, and I ended up chatting on the phone with a dear friend in Rhode Island for nearly 1 1/2 hours. I hadn’t really spoken to Holly since just before I was admitted to the hospital for my first chemo cycle so we had a lot of catching up to do. Our two bobbleheads are BFFs with her twin daughters so the connection runs pretty deep. I wish we could see them again! We flew out to RI two summers ago and had a wonderful visit. We stayed just long enough for me to completely fall in love with the area and not want to leave.

The Zoom meeting with the school district superintendent raised more questions than it answered. We know that the girls can choose between remote learning or in-class attendance but that they’ll have to stick with their choice through each nine-week grading cycle. We also know that due to attendance records and number of available classrooms, the schools won’t be able to maintain any kind of social distancing. There simply isn’t enough room. Beyond that, there are a lot of question marks. The girls’ school year starts on the 24th of August so hopefully most of these issues will be addressed by then. The school district and the teachers are doing their very best to tackle these problems but the state board of education isn’t being very helpful in this matter. They’re basically just “passing the buck.” I can only hope that our governor does the right thing and doesn’t feel pressured by the federal government to open the schools before it’s safe. With Trump threatening to cut funding to school districts that remain closed, this could get ugly.